Monday Hash Run from 06:30 PM at Somewhere in Saigon
    A chase through the tight alleys of Saigon where even motorbikes find it hard to go through. An excellent way to get to know Saigon's backstreets and socialise with a group of keen runners, no matter how slow you are. The hares, the runners who will lead the trail, will set off at 19:00 and leave traces of flour. The objective is, for the rest of the pack, to leave 5 minutes later and try and catch them. The hares ability is, to be as creative and devious as possible because, if they get caught, they will have to pay a beer to the group.

    The groups meets every Monday at 18:30 somewhere within 30 minutes from D1, normally at a restaurant where you will be able to leave your belongings while running. The run should take about 1 hour after which most people hang around for a well deserved meal.

    Yukie Vu
    Hosted by Yukie Vu
    1 people going. VND 150,000

    The Wall

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    Somewhere in Saigon
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Monday Hash Run
    Monday Hash Run