Pagoda x Restaurant from 07:00 PM at Hoà Nhơn Restaurant - Chùa Long Vân
    Join us at Hoà Nhơn, a restaurant located in a pagoda with a 40 foot-tall winged Buddha statue. if you come when some Buddhists abstain from meat (on the 1stand 15thdays each month of the lunar calendar), the place will be packed, but the buffet choices will be particularly fantastic. If you don’t fancy the buffet, there’s an eight-page monolingual menu. Highlights include mì xào giòn(supremely crispy fried noodles) and cơm gói lá sen(mixed veggie rice sitting snugly inside a lotus leaf), the latter simply yet elegantly presented.

    Yukie Vu
    Hosted by Yukie Vu
    2 people going. VND 100,000

    The Wall

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    125 Bùi Đình Tuý, Phường 12, Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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    Pagoda x Restaurant
    Pagoda x Restaurant