Lazy Fishing from 12:00 PM at Ẩm thực sinh thái Xuân Hương

    Come with us for a relaxing mid-day weekend to fish and some fresh seafood. 

    As an eco-parks, recreational fishing combined with country cuisine. Coming here you will be very interesting with the rustic image, characterized Southern country with coconut, pineapple bananas, monkeys swinging bridge, the car Lei, or winding country road, winding. Especially where diners enjoy dishes Southwest characterized chefs from many years of experience of Xuan Huong. 

    Food and drink available around 25,000-215,000VND 

    Yukie Vu
    Hosted by Yukie Vu
    2 people going. VND 100,000

    The Wall

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    C12/40 Long Vĩnh, Bình Hưng, Bình Chánh, Hồ Chí Minh
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    Lazy Fishing
    Lazy Fishing