Dia de Los Muertos 2019 "A Mexican Celebration" from 06:00 PM at Saigon Outcast
    Dia de Los Muertos a day to pay tribute and remember your beloved ones is about food, sharing and fun. Is about celebrating the Dead.

    The event starts at 2PM, but let's meet at the entrance at 6PM (it's less hot). 

    Tickets can be purchased at the venue for 100,000VND and can be exchange for 1 taco! 
    What to expect?
    • Latin America Cuisine
    • Día de los Muertos Parade
    • Día de los Muertos Altar
    • Costume contest
    • Mexican Street Corn
    • Piñata
    • Live Music
    • Face painters and many more fun.

    Yukie Vu
    Hosted by Yukie Vu
    6 people going. VND 100,000

    The Wall

    Yukie Vu
    Yukie Vu Excited!
    Oct 28
    Ben +10 people from other networks
    Nov 1
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    Dia de Los Muertos 2019 "A Mexican Celebration"
    Dia de Los Muertos 2019