Dinner at Warda from 08:00 PM at Warda
    Secluded into a petite lovely alley lined with colonial-style houses right in the heart of the bustling Saigon, Warda is an intimate spot where you can find a pleasant décor and great Mediterranean drinks and food. Early birds often grab outdoor tables set in the little yard under a patterned canopy. The lounging setting inside and harem area for VIP upstairs are just as pleasantly chic. Cozy, classy, and sweet. With beaded sparkling turquoise curtains, it looks as if coming straight out of one of those Arabian Nights.

    The first Arabic and Libania restaurant to appear in Vietnam, Warda serves good authentic dishes. Favorite light bites include chilled or hot mezza platter. Other highlights are Shawarmas and Kebab. When it comes to main course order, among a range of fresh-tasting tagines on offer, the fish and pear Tagine is a notorious must-try.

    Arabic hints are also nicely embedded on the drink list. Bitter saffron or rose martinis are good examples. Shisha (Arabic traditional tobacco) pipes are ready in various flavors. To many, apple flavor is the favorite.
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    Dinner at Warda
    Dinner at Warda