Ostrich riding in Long Thanh from 12:00 AM at Vuon Xoai Resort
    Vuon Xoai Resort is in Long Thanh, just about 30km from HCM. The resort has all kinds of activities including:
    • Grass-skiing
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Fishing
    • Ostrich riding
    • Horseback riding
    • Kayaking
    • Crocodile swamp, bear cage, Bat Bo bamboo garden and orchards

    Current suggested schedule:
    • Leave HCM at 8AM, arrive at about 9AM, take the golf cart or horse carriage tour around the resort to see the birds, bears, crocodiles, etc.
    • Ostrich riding
    • Lunch with variety dishes of crocodile, ostrich meat and eggs
    • Tour around the orchards and mango garden for pictures
    • After all that, I guess we could vote on what to do since there are plenty of other activities.
    • Leave the resort at 6PM and arrive in HCM around 7PM, we could do dinner in district 2 if that's what everyone wants. I know a really good place where they serve great roasted chicken and they have a special salad with chicken and sweet potato leaves.


    • Transportation: <100,000d
    • Ostrich ride: 15,000d/each time
    • Grass Skiing: by cart: 10.000d/each time
    with shoes: 30,000d/30 minutes, 60,000/60 minutes
    • Lunch: around 100.000-150.000 depending on what we order. For those who have never had ostrich and crocodile meat, this is the time to try it.

    Tennis court is also available for 50.000d/hour. Let me know if you are planning to play so I can call and book a court.
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    Vuon Xoai Resort
    114 Ap Tan Cang, Xa Phuoc Tan Huyen Long Thanh
    Ostrich riding in Long Thanh
    Ostrich riding in Long Thanh