Le Pub Quiz Nite from 11:00 AM at Le Pub
    The Tuesday night Quiz is a much-loved institution of Le Pub. Come for rowdy, raucous, rompin' good time!

    • Teams are FIVE PEOPLE MAXIMUM.
    • If you arrive to Quiz late, be prepared to join ANY team of four or less, or miss out.
    • The Quiz Master is always right – even if you are 100% sure he/she’s wrong.
    • Be grateful to the Quiz Master for their (unpaid) hard work, and the Le Pub staff for their (low paid) hard work – and for putting up with us.
    • For winning teams (1st and 2nd) it’s extremely good quiz etiquette to share your winnings by giving a glass to the QuizMaster.
    • It’s only a game.
    Hosted by Meetup
    1 people going. Free to join

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    Le Pub
    175/22 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Ho Chi Minh City, vn
    Le Pub Quiz Nite
    Le Pub Quiz Nite